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Oyster SEO - The Story

Hello there…

Welcome, my name is Louise Hawkins, and I’m the founder of Oyster SEO. I’m passionate about helping small businesses be more visible online through search engine optimisation.

Louise Hawkins Founder of Oyster SEO

The problem with SEO…

SEO is often misunderstood by small businesses and portrayed as something of a dark art! When in fact, there are many simple and effective actions a small business can take to improve its online visibility.

Working with an SEO agency can be out of budget for many; Oyster SEO offers a work-with-you approach, making it a more affordable option. Not only that, but Oyster SEO also offers a personalised strategy that considers your resources to provide the most impactful strategy for you.

So how did it all start?

To be an effective digital marketer requires a commitment to ongoing learning, as technology, marketing opportunities and best practices change at an alarming pace. In 2019 I enrolled with the Digital Marketing Institute and Salford University for a Master’s in digital marketing. This is how and when I fell in love with SEO.

 My thesis was entitled ‘Adoption and Application of SEO among Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise’. My research uncovered that it was evident that most small business owners recognised the importance of SEO, but they just didn’t know how to go about it and were subject to misinformation.

That’s when I decided I wanted to share my knowledge and help small business owners win at SEO.

In February 2022, I also became a Joomla volunteer to help with graphic production, and I am proud to say I am now Marketing Lead. Joomla is a world-leading open source CMS or Content Management System used to build websites. I'm also a Shopify partner; Shopify is a leading e-commerce platform.

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